Tuesday, March 08, 2005

廣告時間 :香港有話說





Male said...

香港人,何時才能真正自己話事?Don't say it. Don't even think about it. Thank you very much!!!!

Kai said...

Thanks for the link.

XexeX said...


Anonymous said...



Honestly, what do Hong Kong people really want most? What could reasoanbly be achieved by Hong Kong people under such an agenda? Democracy? Direct vote? Freedom? Do Hong Kong people really lack any of these?

If an old lady based on some ridiculous whims could block a REIT IPO and the crappy government could do nothing to counter, if a radical, or more correctly an opportunistic, radio host could turn into a people hero over the night, and if those dear barristers, holding valuable foreign passports, shouting vehemently are for the interest of Hong Kong, then I'm afraid we need to take a step backward to rethink what's really going on in the city.

Everyone loves good slogans; yet they are empty. Let all Hong Kong people (meaning those who hold a Hong Kong passport, regard themselves as Chinese, and truly love this city of life) do some meaningful things to better the whole society.

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